Dec. 16th, 2014

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My first term of college was successful! I work full time and I took 4 classes this term, which was a mistake, and I will not be repeating that! I took Introduction to Business, Word I, Business Editing I, and Fundamentals of Writing (aka Writing 90, two levels from Composition writing). I got an A in Business, a B in Word, a C in Editing (which was hard, there was a lot of memorization, and I am happy to have gotten that C!), and a Pass in Writing, which would have been an A if I'd gotten a letter grade for it. The percentage was 93%. My writing teacher gave me a pass to jump right into Composition writing, which is 121. I don't have to placement test or anything! The total GPA for the term is 3.1. That's way better than anything I ever did in high school. I hated school then and just did what I had to do to pass. Unless it was one of my computer classes, that's the only place I enjoyed it.

Winter term begins January 5, and I will be just taking two classes. Business Laws I and Human Relations in Business. I'm looking forward to these classes, because I am going to go into Human Relations at work. HR has been my goal for the last few years. I always talked about it, but never went forward to try and complete anything. But now I am going to! Spring term I will be taking the writing 121 class. They say it's a big workload, so I'll just take that and probably the followup class to my Business Laws class.

Work is ridiculous and I am glad the holidays are over in less than two weeks. I am going to the Wizard Comic Book Convention at the end of January, and I'm really excited to go. It's my first con and I got the VIP pass to see Stephen Amell. A friend at work also got a VIP pass and we are going together!

Flash, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD are all that get me through my TV these days. I did find out I will be definitely watching the Supergirl show next fall! I was already going to, but now, I have even more amazing news about it. Everyone knows that Jimmy Olsen is my favorite DC character. Well, he's going to be one of the main 4 supporting characters in it!! I am beyond the moon. And TNT's Titans will be amazing, too. Dick Grayson is one of the best superheroes.


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