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I got my tax money and I bought a new TV and a new laptop. I used express shipping for them both. I should get the TV on Monday, and the laptop on Tuesday. The laptop case is red, and I am looking at a mouse, and it's yellow!

It's amazing, because it's just like The Flash~ I even plan to name it after Barry. #obsessed #yes

But, my laptop will be amazing, because it has a blu-ray player in it. That was my number 1 priority for my purchase of it. And 6GB of RAM, and 750GB harddrive. And Gateway brand. In other words, it will be amazing. #yes
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Day 01 - A show that never should have been cancelled:

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I want to make clever entries, but that will have to wait. I'm leaving to work in 15 minutes, but I don't waaaant to go. I was going to have a ride, but they cancelled on me, so that means walking it is~

I am tired of working all the time, but the good news is that Friday is a holiday paycheck (from New Year's), we will get our taxes back next month, and we will be getting a bonus paycheck at the end of February. I will be glad to have a little extra money coming up.

I am taking a small vacation, aka six days off in a row the first week of February, which is also the weekend of the Polar Plunge, which is my first year attempting this one at work. We have to each raise $50 for it. I might just take $50 from this week's paycheck for it. We have too many other things to raise money for at work for me to hit people up for this, too. Bowling in Mayish, and then Relay at the end of June.
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I am working on making a community. [community profile] cw_theflash will be my obsession next year, and Grant Gustin is my biggest love, so I have to devote this to him.


Nov. 7th, 2013 12:38 pm
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Glee hasn't been impressing me much lately, but with my rping as Blaine since 2x06 aired, I still have a small soft spot for him. I know most of what he did is stupid teenageness, but it's still not an excuse, and with Glee's track record, should we be at all surprised that he did any of that? No, and I hate that it ruined his character so much for me. They also ruined Sam's character, who was my first Glee muse, and I hate looking at him in current timeline. It drives me crazy that Blam has been my OTP since day 1, and now that we got it in canon, I hate it so much. It's just so...blah. I don't even know how to explain my dislike of it.

Finn's been my favorite character since the Pilot, so the loss of Cory and Finn has been so, so hard. Finn was just starting to get his potential, and now he never will. Sigh. I get why they killed him off, but it still hurts.

But, Adam Lambert's character? Looks like so much fun, and I'm so looking forward to tonight's episode to see him. He might be the only thing that keeps me going with Glee.

I'm so glad that Grant Gustin is playing with Arrow now. He'll get the role he deserves. Glee way, way underused him. :(

Also, why are Juanita chips so addicting??
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Everyone at work made me dress up today for Halloween. I was boycotting it (because a friend and I were going to do a Doctor Who theme together but she bailed on me), but they said I had to, anyway. So I did. I bought fairy wings and a purple wig and attempted to do my makeup (and got some help from someone at work to better it), and then stupidly, I left my phone at home on the way to work. A friend is supposed to be sending me the picture she took of me. But here's my wig: I think is one of the better pictures I've taken of myself lately.

This weekend we are going to the beach. It will be okay. Sad, though. We are taking my mom's ashes down and throwing them into the ocean, which was something she has always wanted. We are also going to finally throw my grandmother's over, too. It's going to be hard, but I think it will finally be the closure that I've been needing. I can finally move forward with my life.

A friend took me to a chinese restaurant tonight, and this was my fortune. Let's hope it's true, right?
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One of those super awkward moments when I am in love with Arrow like a looooooooot. My Oliver Queen will always be Justin Hartley from Smallville first, but I really like this show. I love Tommy Merlyn. I think he's my favorite character. I am only on episode 1x10, but already seeing the change between the Pilot and now, and from spoilers I've read, he only becomes better!


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