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Name:hummingbird ☆ミ
Birthdate:Jun 2, 1982
Location:Canby, Oregon, United States of America


the joining of barry & felicity

My name is Krissy, I am 32, and I live in Oregon. I'm a PIC (Person in Charge) at a Fred Meyer, and I love my job very much! I love to talk to people. I'm a huge comic book geek, I love both DC and Marvel equally. I'm a recovering gLee fan. Seasons 1-3 were my jam, but I like elements and characters from 4&5, but I mostly hate it for reasons (ask me, I'll gladly talk about why). I'm brand new to gaming! I like playing my Nintendo 3DS, especially Pokemon Y and Mario Kart. I have a Playstation 3, and I just downloaded and installed World of Warcraft to start playing again (I'm very much a newb and I'm very bad!). I'm also slowly being taught how to play Magic: The Gathering. I have come full circle in my geeking out!

Feel free to friend me. I'm Pagan and bisexual, so if either of those things offends you, I apologize but I won't change who I am. I'll gladly talk about either, but if you are going to bring crazy Religious theories into this, or tell me I'm going to hell (for either topic), I'll ignore and ban you. I'm very friendly, please respect me, and I'll respect you. I'm both a slash and het fan in my fanfic, so I can never tell you which direction my brain will take me.

Interests (142):

alex summers, amy pond, anime, arrow, barry allen, bart allen, belle, birdflash, bisexuality, black widow, blaine anderson, bowties are cool, boys, brave, cap/nat, captain america, castle, chuck, clark kent, clark/diana, clark/lois, clint barton, comic books, cyclops, dc comics, diana prince, dick grayson, disney, doctor eleven, doctor ten, doctor who, donna noble, elementary, elliott gilbert, elliott starchild, faeries, fairy tail, fantastic four, flynn rider, gambit, ginny weasley, ginny/luna, girls, glee, grant gustin, green witchcraft, greg lestrade, harry potter, havok, hawkeye, hevans, hook/emma, hook/tink, huntbastian, hunter clarington, iron man, jean grey, jedi padawan, jesse/rachel, john watson, kitty pryde, kumbastian, kuntbastian, kurt hummel, kurt/elliott, lex luthor, lois lane, luna lovegood, marvel cinematic universe, marvel comics, mary jane watson, mary morstan watson, matt lanter, mystic force, natasha romanoff, nightwing, nolan gerard funk, oliver queen, once upon a time, pagan, paramore, pepper potts, percy jackson, peter parker, phoenix, playstation, playstation 3, pokemon, power rangers, rapunzel, red/snow, remy lebeau, richard castle, robin, robin/kidflash, rogue, rory williams, ruby, ruby/belle, sailor moon, sam evans, sambastian, scarlett johansson, scott summers, sebastian smythe, seblaine, seklaine, shadowcat, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sherlock/john, sherlock/john/mary, sherlock/lestrade, sleepy hollow, smallville, snow/red, star crossed, star trek, star wars, starchild, steampunk, steve rogers, steve/natasha, steve/tony, superman, superman/wonder woman, tangled, tarot, teen wolf, the amazing spider-man, the avengers, the big bang theory, the flash, the perks of being a wallflower, tinkerbell, tony stark, tony/pepper, ultimate spider-man, wally west, wonder woman, x-men, young justice
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